Supported Vacations – Adults

Why a Supported Vacation at Camp Oakhurst?
Adults with disabilities who live alone, or in a group home or an intermediate care facility typically need breaks from their daily routines. They can enjoy a vacation in a barrier-free facility with 24/7 staff support at Camp Oakhurst. Campers can enjoy a vacation with friends during the colder months when it is harder getting out to organized programs or visiting with friends in the city.

What Will Happen at Camp?
Vacationers stay in barrier-free heated cabins with others similar in age. Support and supervision is provided from a caring staff who live on-site. Vacationers have access to a full program of adapted recreational activities, including trips off camp grounds.

Do I Qualify for a Supported Vacation?
If you are over age 19 and have a physical and/or developmental disability including those that affect movement or coordination, please apply. Registration starts with an application, and includes a personal interview with a Camp Oakhurst professional. Adults must be able to communicate their care needs to staff and allow staff to dispense their medication. Living in a cabin with other adults requires respecting the rights of others.

How Long Are Vacation Periods and How Can I Get There?
Once registered, you will receive a yearly calendar of scheduled vacation periods. Sessions for adults are 5 or 7 days in length. Some clients get to and from camp on their own, others may be eligible for door to door or central site transportation from New York City in lift-equipped vehicles.

What Does It Cost?
Please contact our offices for more information on fees.

When Should I Apply?
Applications are received throughout the year. Confirmation for a particular vacation period depends on space and transportation needs. Call either our NJ office at 732-531-0215 or our NYC office at 212-533-4020 and we will send you an application or you can download an application from the Apply for Services section of this website.