Summer Camp – Youth

Why Sleep Away Camp?
Summer camp is lots of fun and can be a wonderful learning opportunity where children can create lasting memories and make new friends. Sharing the experience with others in a place that is barrier free and adapted to a child’s needs will encourage growth toward greater independence.

What Will My Child Do at Camp?
Your child can do all the things other kids do at traditional summer camp. They will learn to swim, cook their favorite foods, play baseball, tell stories around a campfire and share a tent under the stars. In addition, they can take trips off-camp, help make a short film, act in a play they help write, or sing in a chorus.

Does My Child Qualify for Camp Oakhurst?
If your child is age 8 to 19 (and in some cases up through age 25), and has a physical and/or developmental disability, including autism, we are waiting to hear from you. Our campers need to be able to communicate to staff about their care needs, get along with each other and make activity choices.

How Long Can My Child Stay at Camp?
There are two two-week sessions for youth up to age 25 to choose from each summer. There is also (New to 2017!) one Young Adult/Life Skills two-week session (for ages 23-35).  Space permitting, some campers stay for more than one session.  Visit our Calendar for 2017 dates.

What Does It Cost?
The full fee per session can be adjusted according to family size and income. Scholarships are available. For children who qualify for state-supported respite services, a portion of fees may be covered. For all other campers, please contact our offices for more information on fees.

When Should We Apply?
The sooner the better! Cabins can fill quickly.  After January 1, call either our NY or NJ offices and we’ll send you an application or go to the Apply for Services section of this website to download an application for services.  After the summer sessions begin in late June, it is unlikely we can still accept applications, but please call to be sure.

Once an application from a new prospective camper is received, we will then set up an interview so that we can get to know each other and help plan a fun-filled summer camp experience.