Summer Camp – Adult

Why Sleep Away Camp?
Adults with special needs, including autism and physical and developmental disabilities, can enjoy a fun-filled memorable summer experience in a place that is barrier-free and where it is easy to make friends. It is also an opportunity for adults not fully independent to give their care givers a respite break in the summer.

What Will I Do at Camp?
Join a group at Monmouth Park race track, visit local beaches and boardwalks, share a room in a modern cabin with five other adults, float peacefully in a heated pool. Also, you can play baseball, dance, cook, do arts/crafts, act in a play or choose from a variety of other activities.  Independent adults may take unsupervised walks off-camp to nearby shops.

Do I Qualify for Camp Oakhurst?
If you are age 25 or over and have a physical or developmental disability including autism, please apply.  Adults attending a summer session do not need supervision day and night, though our counseling and nursing staff are always around to help. Adults in residence must be able to communicate their care needs to staff and allow nurses to dispense their medication. Living in a cabin with other adults requires respecting the rights of others.

How Long Will I Be at Camp?
We presently offer one Adult Session (for seven-night nights) in the summer for adults age 25 and over, and there is also (New to 2017!) one Young Adult/Life Skills twelve-night session (for ages 23-35).   Please visit our Youth Camp page on this website for summer camp sessions available for youth with general disabilities up to age 25.  As always, there are also 5-7 day overnight respite sessions from late September through early June! See our overnight respite section of this website for more information. Visit our Calendar for details for this coming summer.

What Does It Cost?
The full fee per session can be adjusted according to family size and income. Scholarships are available. For adults who qualify for state-supported respite services, a portion of the fees may be covered. For all other campers, please contact our offices for more information on fees.

How Can I Apply? 
Call either our NYC or Oakhurst, NJ offices and after January 1 each year we will send you an application or you can download an application from the Apply for Services section of this website.

Then we will set up an interview to know each other and help plan a fun-filled summer and/or overnight respite experience. Apply early, space is limited.