Overnight Respite – Autism

Why Overnight Respite at Camp Oakhurst?
Camp Oakhurst, recognizing the daily challenges that caregivers for youth diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) face, initiated an overnight out-of-home respite program in 2010. Caregivers gain periodic relief from their custodial responsibilities; the child diagnosed with ASD gets the opportunity to enjoy an enriching social and recreational experience away from home. Respite sessions are typically from Friday to Sunday, specifically designed for clients diagnosed with autism.

What is a Respite Stay Like at Camp Oakhurst?
Respite clients stay in barrier-free cabins with age appropriate groups. We provided full 24 hour care and supervision from a trained caring staff that lives on-site. Clients will have access to a full program of adapted social, recreational and educational activities.

Does My Family Qualify for Respite?
If you live in New York City or New Jersey and the child or young adult is diagnosed with ASD, you may qualify for state-supported respite at Camp Oakhurst. If you do not live in NYC of New Jersey or do not have state-supported eligibility, you can still apply for our respite service. Registration for all clients starts with an application and includes a personal interview with a camp professional.

How Long Are Respite Periods and How Do Children Get There?
Registered families receive a calendar of scheduled respite periods. See the Calendar section of this website for details. There are 1-2 respite weekends per month scheduled between October and June each year, as well as two 5-day summer sessions in August. Some families transport their child on their own; others use central site transportation from NYC.

What Does It Cost?
There is no fee for families who qualify for state-supported respite. For all other clients, please contact the NJ office for more information on fees.

When Should We Apply?
Applications are received throughout the year. Confirmation for a particular respite period depends on availability and client needs. Please call either the NJ office at 732-531-0215 or the NY office at 212-533-4020 for an application or download an application from the Apply for Services section of this website.