Join Camp Oakhurst to help provide services to children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder.

Please fill out the online form below to donate to Camp Oakhurst. Your payment information will be transmitted securely. Alternatively, you can print, complete and mail our Contribution form (PDF), or call us at 212-533-4020 and make a contribution over the phone.

Contributions to New York Service for the Handicapped, which owns and operates Camp Oakhurst, are tax deductible as permitted by law. Suggested targeted contributions include:

$1,650 for a scholarship for a two week summer sleep away camp session for a child.
$962 for a scholarship for a one week year-round respite/vacation session for an adult.
$400 for a weekend respite for a child diagnosed with autism.
$137 to provide a day of respite to a family with a child with physical/developmental disabilities.

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